SAR request for ATOS/DWP records for ESA appeal


geegee55: Thank you for your help. :) Apr 15, 2015 16:06:26 GMT
su24nna: samra1985 it clearly states that if you are leaving the country for more than 4 weeks you need to inform . Does that make it clear to you? Apr 15, 2015 16:43:18 GMT
samra1985: And if it's for medical reasons do I have to get a GP letter for proof because don't want to come back and my benefits are stopped ? Apr 15, 2015 17:41:51 GMT
su24nna: Samra 1985 only advice I can give is as above. If you Nedd to clarify further I would suggest to contact DWP and ask the question. You don't need to give your name. Apr 15, 2015 20:39:33 GMT
englishrose63: did it go? Apr 16, 2015 9:53:40 GMT
fermer: A big Welcome to all new members . Please have a good read of all forum as a lot of good advice available here at your fingertips Apr 16, 2015 15:24:19 GMT
englishrose63: Morning all... can any admin read my letter if I message you with please? It's an MR letter. I appreciate everyone is busy but just need some feedback before I post it xx Apr 17, 2015 10:01:03 GMT
fermer: Hi englishrose forward it on and I will have a look at it for you . Hope I have managed to catch you before you post it Apr 17, 2015 10:09:51 GMT
englishrose63: Hi Fermer thanks hunni I'll forward it when I get home from work x Apr 17, 2015 10:10:50 GMT
fermer: A big Welcome to all new members. Please have a good read of all great info in this forum Apr 17, 2015 10:12:36 GMT
englishrose63: Sent it Fermer x Apr 17, 2015 15:42:12 GMT
kerrynicnoc: anyone know number for advice line as I cant find it?! Apr 17, 2015 16:41:24 GMT
withnail: Kerrynicnoc - do you mean the fightback advice line? Tel: 0161 883 1310 standard rate Apr 17, 2015 17:08:44 GMT
englishrose63: 01618831310 x Apr 17, 2015 17:14:03 GMT
englishrose63: Oops Withnail you beat me to it :P Apr 17, 2015 17:15:51 GMT
sam: Hi been ringing all day with no answer been having panicky feelings everytime I look at my esa50 so have been ringing to try and book an appointment but it either is engaged or that the extension number not available does anyone know if phoneline is down Apr 21, 2015 13:37:07 GMT
withnail: Hi Sam - there is info on claiming ESA here - also if you like create a thread and we can discuss what options you have - depending on where you live we might be able to find you face to face support. Apr 22, 2015 7:07:39 GMT
su24nna: Hi Sam. Problem with phoning is we are non funded volunteers. The phone lines are constantly busy. Best thing is email put urgent ESA 50 in subject ando someone will get back to you if you leave contact details. X Apr 22, 2015 14:17:00 GMT
sam: Hi withnail thanks for your response I have made an appointment with citizens advice. Basically I'm finding claiming a huge stress I have panic attacks everytime I try to look at the form silly I know. The info on here is great it just overwhelms me. Apr 22, 2015 20:59:24 GMT
withnail: Sam - the form is very stressful and depressing at the best of times. But don't worry, advice is only a few keystrokes away! Apr 23, 2015 6:40:51 GMT