SAR request for ATOS/DWP records for ESA appeal


blue: Thank you for welcoming me .I have just posted a thread as I am a complete wreck ,,thanks in advance for your help Dec 7, 2014 14:30:54 GMT
su24nna: Hi guys we are having problems with office phones so if you need to contact the office please email until it's sorted Dec 10, 2014 22:20:42 GMT
samra786: Hi can someone please get in touch with me Dec 11, 2014 15:53:39 GMT
bolmad58: Hi ive just been told I could claim DLA or is it pip now, I have neuropathy quite bad in both feet, plius im beginning to suffer from slight incontinence, should I try for it and what do I need to do this cheers Dec 11, 2014 16:46:39 GMT
fudwp: Bolmad58 - it's still DLA in Scotland, but it's PIP for the rest of the UK. The shoutbox isn't the right place for discussion; you need to start a thread or look through the info already on the site Dec 12, 2014 10:53:31 GMT
samra786: Hi can you please get Michelle to phone me please inbox me please Dec 12, 2014 12:11:09 GMT
su24nna: Samra786 sorry but we can't ask Michelle to contact you. You need to contact her. Telephone 0161 883 1310 or She is very busy and we don't have the fundino to phone everyone. X Dec 12, 2014 16:12:36 GMT
su24nna: Samra786 it would really be better if you email. As previously stated we are having problems with phones at the moment. At least if you email we sure to get it. It may take a few days for reply but we will get back to you. X Dec 12, 2014 16:23:30 GMT
samra786: I've just sent a email also can you please thank dee for everything m Dec 12, 2014 16:50:12 GMT
withnail: Anyone remember the facebook group which helps people find someone to take them to their assessment? (It used to be called something like 'don't go alone'). Dec 13, 2014 23:50:04 GMT
fudwp: No, Withnail - but I'd certainly be interested in it. Dec 14, 2014 13:03:08 GMT
withnail: Fudwp - damn it was called 'Disability & Benefit Support - Don't go Alone' but it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Dec 14, 2014 13:12:30 GMT
su24nna: With nail it still exists but it is now a secret group. We have alwaY's been concerned about them as the people who will attend are not checked or vetted and we feel that a) this could breach data protection and b) putting vulnerable people at risk Dec 14, 2014 16:36:57 GMT
su24nna: We never recommend taking anyone with you who you don't know anything about. Xx Dec 14, 2014 16:40:14 GMT
fudwp: You could have someone attend 'virtually' via Skype or similar. 2 FOIs have revealed the government have nothing to stop you doing this. It would also come under reasonable adjustments of the Eq Act 2010. Dec 14, 2014 16:58:53 GMT
withnail: Su24anna - ah fair enoughski! (Am trying to see what resources are available for Biddie - see the thread marked 'assessment'). Dec 14, 2014 17:38:03 GMT
becbob1: Now have my assessment date for PIP. 2nd January and they have agreed to see me at home. Now i don't need to fret about sitting in an uncomfortable chair or any of the other crap that will cause me no end of panic and pain. Dec 16, 2014 14:59:59 GMT
su24nna: Becbob good luck for the 2nd.don't get too comfy in chair. Let them see your discomfort. Xx Dec 16, 2014 19:26:16 GMT
samra786: Hi can anyone else help me out I know your busy but I would be great full if I could get some help over the phone even though you can't provide it in person please let me know Dec 17, 2014 21:55:52 GMT
withnail: samra786 - try emailing michelle at (put something like - 'urgent' - in the subject field) Dec 19, 2014 15:53:55 GMT