SAR request for ATOS/DWP records for ESA appeal


bigsean: How do I email Belfast job centre? I tried several times in past and they always come back as 'undelivered'. The ESA 280 says they can only be reached by phone or by writing to them. Anyway thanks for getting involved in my case, much appreciated. Oct 6, 2014 14:49:13 GMT
fudwp: It's a general email address: Oct 6, 2014 15:27:02 GMT
fudwp: Then put FAO: Belfast JC and Ref: (your NiNo) in the subject bar of the email Oct 6, 2014 15:28:03 GMT
bigsean: Thanks I will give it a try using the template you sent me. So thanks again. Oct 6, 2014 15:28:47 GMT
fudwp: Noooo!!! That template is for a SAR and the relevant email is at the bottom of the template - it's not the same email address. Oct 6, 2014 15:53:10 GMT
fudwp: If you start posting on your thread, Bigsean, I'll do you a different letter to send to the Belfast JC. I can't deal with this here. I put the link to your thread on an earlier comment Oct 6, 2014 15:54:50 GMT
dobie1: how do i start a new thread. i am new to the forum and need help as i need to appeal againt decision placing me in WRAG and MR upheld decision and i do not know what to do next as i only have 1 month and have no one to help put together an appeal. Oct 10, 2014 19:43:10 GMT
su24nna: Dobie1 Fightback can help. Read the notes and phone the office Monday to Friday on 0161 883 1310 or email . If you want to start thread. Go into area of interest then tp right it says create thread click on then go fromthere.x Oct 10, 2014 20:08:29 GMT
fudwp: Dobie1 - I started the thread for you: Oct 10, 2014 20:46:13 GMT
fermer: Good morning all. Good luck if you have a medical or handing in forms this week . Remember fightback is here to help and support where we can Oct 11, 2014 10:13:35 GMT
hellyn: quikie...sending my mandatory recon email and letter i say that further evidence is to follow...? Oct 13, 2014 13:45:39 GMT
hellyn: can anyone answer this for me? Oct 13, 2014 14:17:13 GMT
fudwp: That depends, Hellyn, on if you are sending more info and what your MR letter says. a thread would be better for advice Oct 13, 2014 14:25:55 GMT
fudwp: can't get enough info on the shoutbox Oct 13, 2014 14:26:24 GMT
Blue Peter: Trying to put together a mini daily diary of what I can and cant do for pip additional info going around in circles deciding how to best format it :( Oct 13, 2014 23:56:13 GMT
fudwp: I just wrote everything down that happened on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and gave an overview with lots of "For example, today XYZ happened". Oct 14, 2014 8:38:29 GMT
fudwp: I found it very difficult as I have a wildly fluctuating condition - so I turned it on its head and emphasised the point that there was no typical day for me. Oct 14, 2014 8:39:38 GMT
Blue Peter: : Thank you Oct 14, 2014 10:00:03 GMT
slipmaster: Blue Peter see template section Oct 14, 2014 12:15:18 GMT
Blue Peter: Thanks again spot on :) Oct 15, 2014 15:40:34 GMT