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foxy1988: should I set up payment plans now and spend next 5 years paying it off or leave it and hope for the best? May 8, 2015 14:58:19 GMT
su24nna: foxy1988 please read my reply to your question in the main body of the forum. Xx May 8, 2015 17:15:03 GMT
kellyblanch: Morning All, just wanted to say hello x May 9, 2015 7:54:47 GMT
stecross: hello guys thanks for having me May 10, 2015 10:19:28 GMT
crazypain54: Hi Everyone !!! May 10, 2015 22:18:52 GMT
crazypain54: Hi Everyone May 10, 2015 22:19:10 GMT
crazypain54: Need help facing a PIP tribunal please help !!, New to Fightback new to technology ! May 10, 2015 22:23:10 GMT
pipcoin: Hi, everyone. pip form in hand now!!! and ready start filling it out, great advice on this site is very welcome. May 11, 2015 13:32:15 GMT
angieflaps: I got my pup today will you here me fill it in May 13, 2015 14:50:55 GMT
fibromyagiasufferer: hi i already on d.l.a but today got told apply for p.i.p as i use wheelchair outdoors hope i ok sign up my mate recommended you as you helped clients in past May 13, 2015 20:37:32 GMT
geegee55: Hi! ~ How and where can I fine the latest ESA50 form? May 13, 2015 23:06:49 GMT
spannerintheworks: Hi Fightback. How much would you charge to review my already submitted PIP application - assessment 20th May? May 14, 2015 9:49:52 GMT
withnail: Geegee55 May 14, 2015 12:15:50 GMT
withnail: Spannerintheworks: Usually £0 (but donations are always welcome!) May 14, 2015 12:30:04 GMT
sexyrex: can I claim esa if I have a partner that works ?? May 14, 2015 21:26:35 GMT
withnail: sexyrex: See email I sent you. May 15, 2015 7:00:46 GMT
su24nna: sexyrex Quick answer is yes you can. Depends on if contribution based or not. Even if you are placed in WRAG you have 365 days payment. If in support group then that won't affect you. May 15, 2015 14:16:11 GMT
fuertesandra: Atos have just rung and cancelled my appointment that was for 2 pm today, I am so upset. You build yourself up to this. Help May 20, 2015 10:36:54 GMT
withnail: Fuertesandra: Why did they cancel? Have they rescheduled? May 20, 2015 16:14:24 GMT
deejade: Hi I got high pip for care and low mobility in Feb applied for esa in sept and medical 2 weeks ago I failed giving me 6 points felt forced to sign on now due to go to job centre tomorrow the doc gave me a sick note from April til Oct what to do I'm in tear May 20, 2015 20:41:39 GMT