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su24nna: I agree with slipmaster. If posted on relevant sections there is less chance of missing it. Xx Sept 17, 2014 22:35:19 GMT
foggy: For anyone struggling to navigate/post on the above board (like I first did).1) Scroll up to main board and click on a selected topic. 2) Then scroll up to the top of the page and look at the top in the far right corner. Sept 17, 2014 23:31:25 GMT *
foggy: 3) There you will see a blue box with the words 'CREATE THREAD'. 4) Click on 'CREATE THREAD' to start a thread with your concerns. 5) Enter a title in the slim box. 6) Enter your concerns in the larger text box below the slim title box........away you go Sept 17, 2014 23:34:31 GMT
bigj: if you get the pip do you get both payments paid into the bank at the same time Sept 18, 2014 8:45:44 GMT
bigj: Daily living component a separate payment to the Mobility component payment Sept 18, 2014 8:47:04 GMT
su24nna: bigj you will get both payments into the back as one payment at the same time. Sept 18, 2014 10:06:44 GMT
su24nna: bank even Sept 18, 2014 10:35:56 GMT
nannabear: I have a phone appointment booked for tomorrow morning, but i didnt take the mobile number down. I have the number that called me. Do i call that one? Sept 18, 2014 11:21:57 GMT
nannabear: Or do i call the main office one and just HOPE i get through? x Sept 18, 2014 11:25:22 GMT
bigj: had my pip assessment last wednesday 10/9/14 money in my bank today :) Sept 18, 2014 12:31:22 GMT
su24nna: nannabear can you please call main office number in morning. They are expecting your call. x Sept 18, 2014 13:30:35 GMT
nannabear: Thank you so much su24nna. :D Sept 18, 2014 13:56:09 GMT
su24nna: No problems. Just happy to help. Sept 18, 2014 14:12:41 GMT
nannabear: Sorry, i just checked my diary.. its 1.30 i have to call. sorry :( Sept 18, 2014 15:07:23 GMT
su24nna: Not a problem. They will have you in diary. Xx Sept 18, 2014 20:53:22 GMT
su24nna: Michelle and rest of office didn't get lunch until 4 this afternoon so 1.30 is morning to them. Lol Sept 18, 2014 20:55:06 GMT
fermer: Good evening all Hope alls going to plan Please post questions or good news we are here to offer help and support if we can Sept 18, 2014 21:26:08 GMT
nannabear: oh bless. they work so damn hard.. so dedicated. You ALL are. Its very much appreciated Sept 19, 2014 6:16:00 GMT
nannabear: I actually got some sleep last night.. thanks to Bernadette calming me and doing my ESA form. REALLY cannot thank her and the team enough for everything. x Sept 20, 2014 9:42:06 GMT
su24nna: Thank you for those words nannabear I will pass them to Bernadette. We are here to try to help. Sept 20, 2014 15:55:45 GMT