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No New Posts Latest News! Advocacy Assistance

If you require advocacy work ie an appeal doing for ESA/PIP, remember I now do face to face advocacy work in all areas, subject to my office in Bury. (We are still unfunded at present so we do have to charge this.) The indepth legal advocacy work is completed on a no win no fee basis from any awarded back pay. Again this is the only way to keep things going and maintain our new staff training, hopefully when we get funding more information can be free. All advice is free but if you need help to help yourself then you can get in touch via enquiries@fightback4justice.co.uk or call 0161 883 1310

We also offer ESA50/PIP form filling services for a small fee at present. 100% of our forms have resulted in a group being allocated with only one requiring a medical out of 100s of forms completed.

7 47 Appeal to support group from wrag
by ginaa
Sept 19, 2014 17:06:31 GMT

by fermer
Aug 10, 2014 18:44:06 GMT
No New Posts Chit-Chat Board

This is for all non related social welfare issues, for getting together and sharing experiences and supporting each other. Come and introduce yourself.

53 877 Tips for pain relief
by bluepeter
Sept 19, 2014 11:27:41 GMT
No New Posts A.O.B. Board

This is for questions on any topics not covered by our Topic boards.

Moderator: Shell

40 220 Grace Period Letter - Benefit Cap
by bryanr
Sept 13, 2014 22:38:39 GMT
No New Posts Latest News Links

Here we will post links to News Items that we think will interest you. Feel free to join in.

by su24nna
Sept 18, 2014 20:51:15 GMT

Disability Benefits

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No New Posts Applying for ESA

Thinking about applying for ESA? Or maybe you're already looking at an ESA50 form. This board will help you though the process.

33 237 Mandatory Review
by su24nna
Sept 19, 2014 7:13:13 GMT
No New Posts Applying for PIP or DLA

Are you about to apply for PIP or DLA? Need to know which one to apply for? Help with filling in the form. Don't do it alone, read this board.

29 156 worth applying for higher dla?
by moveonup
Sept 17, 2014 16:36:10 GMT
No New Posts Attending a 'Medical Assessment'

Have you been called to a 'Medical Assessment' or rather the WCA (Work Capability Assessment) and worried how it's going to go. This is the board to support you.

35 336 How frequently do medical reassessments take place?
by su24nna
Sept 19, 2014 20:31:32 GMT
No New Posts Work Focused Interviews

Who are these for and who has to attend. Find out about Work Focused Interviews here.

4 23 Work Focused Interviews
by alysea
May 14, 2014 18:12:57 GMT
No New Posts Refused ESA or placed in wrong group? How to Appeal

Applied for ESA and been turned down or placed in WRAG when you believe you should be in the Support Group? We show you how to appeal here.

27 162 Criteria to get into Support from WRAG group ESA
by alysea
Sept 15, 2014 15:52:40 GMT
No New Posts Refused PIP / DLA or placed in wrong group? How to Appeal - 1 Viewing

If you applied for DLA or PIP and were rejected or placed in wrong group, find out how to appeal that decision.

14 102 Refused PIP- assessment was a shambles
by hdalove2010
Sept 19, 2014 16:30:31 GMT
No New Posts Preparing for and Going to a Tribunal - 1 Viewing

So you appealed a decision against awarding you ESA/PIP/DLA or placing you in wrong group. If you appeal goes to a Tribunal, this board will help you prepare for that.

21 104 Free Representation in London, South East or Nottingham
by bryanr
Aug 24, 2014 15:19:40 GMT
No New Posts Sanctions and Hardship payments

Been sanctioned or trapped in the catch 22 of failing to 'qualify' for ESA but told you are too ill to apply for JSA? Find out how to apply for hardship payments here.

6 15 How to challenge your Benefit Sanction
by su24nna
Jul 17, 2014 9:21:48 GMT
No New Posts Overseas Claimants

If you are living overseas and still eligible to claim this board will help you through the complexities

3 22 Overseas Claimants' Queries and Comments
by su24nna
Aug 11, 2014 7:43:36 GMT

Other Advice and Help for Disabled People

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No New Posts FREE Prescriptions

Who qualifies and how to get them.

1 7 Free Prescriptions and Medication
by WobblyGill
Jun 18, 2014 11:21:05 GMT
No New Posts Help/Concessions available to Disabled People

beyond Disability Benefits, some other ways of finding help or concessions for disabled people.

21 51 Water Costs Capped water bills (watersure)
by fudwp
Aug 27, 2014 16:12:25 GMT
No New Posts Pain Management and how it can help with ESA/DLA appeals/applications

Keeping up with your pain clinic appointments can help you in more ways than one.

6 27 pain clinic
by bluepeter
Aug 24, 2014 22:58:19 GMT
No New Posts Stress Management and Emotional Support

Something we could all do with a bit of. Share here what works for you and link to helpful websites etc.

7 15 I've just had enough
by Infinity
May 23, 2014 4:22:24 GMT
No New Posts Useful Factsheets from other Organisations

Downloadable Factsheets created by other organisations that we think might be helpful to you.

11 19 Equality Act
by bryanr
Aug 26, 2014 16:11:52 GMT

Other Benefits

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No New Posts Benefits Fraud

Accused of benefit fraud? We can help.

by bryanr
Aug 26, 2014 19:22:20 GMT
No New Posts Pension credits

Pension Credits, who can claim and how - find out here.

3 9 Question about pension credit, re council tax and rent!!
by thomo
Jul 18, 2014 11:14:38 GMT
No New Posts Tax Credits - 1 Viewing

Tax Credits can be confusing and sometimes people get overplayed for no fault of their own. Find out what your options are here.

3 6 Working Tax Credits & the 4 week run on
by foggy
Aug 23, 2014 17:33:49 GMT
No New Posts Universal Credit

Are you in the UC pilot areas? Need help to understand it all. Start here.

Moderators: Moderator, Admin Manager, Administrator

1 4 Universal Credit
by bluehook
Oct 26, 2013 17:36:24 GMT

Other Consumer Advice

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No New Posts CPAs and Payday Loan Companies

CPA (Continuous Payment Authority) and PayDay Lenders can get you into trouble fast. This board tells you what your options are.

4 20 Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) Reclaiming
by su24nna
Apr 4, 2014 7:04:23 GMT
No New Posts Fuel Bills

Back billing problems, high bills, rebates and special schemes. Find out what you can do to help yourself here.

5 16 Backbilling GAS/ELECT and the Billing Code
by su24nna
Aug 1, 2014 8:06:13 GMT
No New Posts Gym Membership

Thousands of gym contracts are unfair and unenforceable, find out what to do about it, right here.

1 1 Gym Membership and FIGHTBACK!
by bluehook
Oct 23, 2013 17:55:14 GMT
No New Posts Mobile Phones

Not happy with your contract or new handset? Find out what your rights are, right here.

4 8 Free Calls to Charity and Helpline Numbers with Vodafone
by edwardb
Nov 13, 2013 12:28:11 GMT
No New Posts Parking. Private parking tickets and how to fight them

Private Parking tickets and how to fight them, using the law.

1 11 Private Parking Tickets, and how to fight them legally.
by metoday13
May 17, 2014 19:16:01 GMT
No New Posts Shipping Admin. Spot unwanted charges to your shipping

How to spot charges applied to your shipping that shouldn't be there, and what to do about it.

1 1 Template Letter to fight shipping ADMIN Charges
by bluehook
Oct 23, 2013 18:30:22 GMT
No New Posts Uniform Rebate

Work in a uniform? Find out if you can get a rebate on the costs and how.

by bluehook
Oct 23, 2013 18:32:02 GMT

Debt Advice

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No New Posts Bailifs and Debt Collectors

How to legally protect yourself and your belongings, deal with being hassled, time orders, Council Tax debts, Caselaw and other helpful sites

7 18 Bailiffs and what they cannot do, including caselaw.
by foggy
Aug 10, 2014 21:41:01 GMT
No New Posts Getting County Court Judgements Set Aside

He's how to have a CCJ set aside

2 3 Judgement through county court
by su24nna
Apr 7, 2014 11:32:26 GMT
No New Posts Template Letters

Several really useful template letters to help you manage your debt problems,

17 46 12 Month Protection
by bryanr
Sept 13, 2014 22:35:06 GMT

Housing Advice

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No New Posts Bedroom Tax

Problems with Bedroom Tax? Start here to find out what you can do.

9 18 Moved: 12 Month Protection
by su24nna
Sept 15, 2014 7:41:55 GMT
No New Posts Discretionary Housing Payments

1 17 Discretionary Housing Payments
by fermer
Jan 5, 2014 21:27:20 GMT
No New Posts Getting Repairs Carried Out

3 3 Template Letter to Landlord to Fix non urgent repairs
by bluehook
Oct 23, 2013 21:03:55 GMT
No New Posts Nuisance Neighbours

1 5 The Law and nuisance neighbours - in depth
by su24nna
Dec 12, 2013 17:12:51 GMT
No New Posts Sanctions

1 2 Latest housing briefing re Sanctions
by lawli56
May 25, 2014 10:07:48 GMT
No New Posts Short Term Benefit Advance

1 1 Short Term Benefit Advance if you have nil income
by bluehook
Oct 23, 2013 19:09:32 GMT

Local Boards

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No New Posts Welcome to Local Boards

1 5 Want a board for your area - ask here
by withnail
Aug 27, 2014 9:09:16 GMT
No New Posts Fife

2 15 Fife benefits support
by fermer
Sept 16, 2014 12:22:26 GMT
No New Posts Lancashire

2 3 Support Groups in Bolton.
by Shell
Nov 17, 2013 11:32:56 GMT
No New Posts North Staffordshire and Stoke

1 1 North Staffs and Stoke-On-Trent support, advice and help
by su24nna
May 1, 2014 8:56:46 GMT
No New Posts The Wirral

1 2 Welcome
by withnail
Aug 28, 2014 11:25:51 GMT


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fudwp: Was that report sent to them already, or is it something new? this isn't the best place for this. do you want to PM me? Sept 17, 2014 17:30:23 GMT
slipmaster: I dont know why members cant post in the related forum topics instead of the shoutbox after all thats where all the information is ??????? Sept 17, 2014 22:18:36 GMT
su24nna: I agree with slipmaster. If posted on relevant sections there is less chance of missing it. Xx Sept 17, 2014 22:35:19 GMT
foggy: For anyone struggling to navigate/post on the above board (like I first did).1) Scroll up to main board and click on a selected topic. 2) Then scroll up to the top of the page and look at the top in the far right corner. Sept 17, 2014 23:31:25 GMT *
foggy: 3) There you will see a blue box with the words 'CREATE THREAD'. 4) Click on 'CREATE THREAD' to start a thread with your concerns. 5) Enter a title in the slim box. 6) Enter your concerns in the larger text box below the slim title box........away you go Sept 17, 2014 23:34:31 GMT
bigj: if you get the pip do you get both payments paid into the bank at the same time Sept 18, 2014 8:45:44 GMT
bigj: Daily living component a separate payment to the Mobility component payment Sept 18, 2014 8:47:04 GMT
su24nna: bigj you will get both payments into the back as one payment at the same time. Sept 18, 2014 10:06:44 GMT
su24nna: bank even Sept 18, 2014 10:35:56 GMT
nannabear: I have a phone appointment booked for tomorrow morning, but i didnt take the mobile number down. I have the number that called me. Do i call that one? Sept 18, 2014 11:21:57 GMT
nannabear: Or do i call the main office one and just HOPE i get through? x Sept 18, 2014 11:25:22 GMT
bigj: had my pip assessment last wednesday 10/9/14 money in my bank today :) Sept 18, 2014 12:31:22 GMT
su24nna: nannabear can you please call main office number in morning. They are expecting your call. x Sept 18, 2014 13:30:35 GMT
nannabear: Thank you so much su24nna. :D Sept 18, 2014 13:56:09 GMT
su24nna: No problems. Just happy to help. Sept 18, 2014 14:12:41 GMT
nannabear: Sorry, i just checked my diary.. its 1.30 i have to call. sorry :( Sept 18, 2014 15:07:23 GMT
su24nna: Not a problem. They will have you in diary. Xx Sept 18, 2014 20:53:22 GMT
su24nna: Michelle and rest of office didn't get lunch until 4 this afternoon so 1.30 is morning to them. Lol Sept 18, 2014 20:55:06 GMT
fermer: Good evening all Hope alls going to plan Please post questions or good news we are here to offer help and support if we can Sept 18, 2014 21:26:08 GMT
nannabear: oh bless. they work so damn hard.. so dedicated. You ALL are. Its very much appreciated Sept 19, 2014 6:16:00 GMT